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While I like to write, I am not a blogger by design. This space-the blogosphere—is slightly un-natural for me, but I believe in the incredible power of information, of connection, and hope to provide the occasional odd bit of knowledge in these posts.

So, what great big thought have I got to share today? I had a good day in surgery with the Penn Vet students yesterday (3 dog castrations, one dog spay, two cat spays). The students are in class of 2010—just four months away from graduation, and exactly twenty years after I finished at Penn Vet.

I’m writing this from home, where it used to be impossible to conduct any sort of office work or medical text research (my veterinary library was at my practice); now, I can access journals, texts, veterinary school resources, and veterinary specific networking sites that allow exchange of current clinical information. When I graduated, if I could not find the answer to a problem, I would call a former professor in Medicine or Surgery and ask. Now, from my phone, I can find answers I would have waited days to receive. I am able to connect with specialists and colleagues not just from a practice or two away, but from a coast or a continent away. No longer is absence of information an acceptable state of affairs. We can get to information (the trick remains how to make decisions with imperfect information in a way that is rational, timely, and helpful).

We’re making some leaps in technology at Bridgewater Veterinary Hospital, a new website with exciting new functionality. We’ll be introducing email reminders, web-based medication refills, and other communications enhancements. We look forward to improved accessibility, and improved service to our clients.

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  1. Camy Valente says:

    I’d love to speak with you. I am a patron of your office with a guide dog. Did you know that Penn is conducting a survey concerning guide dogs needing early retirement?

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